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No Holes; Yes Targets
As you could probably imagine, getting a Frisbee into a tiny golf hole is physically impossible. Therefore, Frisbee golf relies on targets-be it an object such as a hula hoop placed on the ground-or, ideally, a basket. If you're going to play "for serious," you might want to visit an official Frisbee golf course complete with baskets-which are generally made out of metal, rest on a pole and have a flag at the top marking the "hole." The object is to try and get the Frisbee into the target/basket, which each toss equaling a stroke.


In golf, it is usually a player's main concern not to "slice" with each swing-meaning that the ball tails off to one side or the other. In Frisbee golf, this is difficult to achieve, as Frisbees have a natural tendency to curve back further to the side from which it is thrown. So to maximize your control, you want to release the Frisbee just to the side closest to your center, allowing it to curve back and into the target area. Of course, if your target is painfully close, a light and direct toss might be the way to go.


As noted on the official website of the Disc Golf Association, a point is assessed with each throw, and also when a player commits a penalty. Tee throws are then made within or behind the designated tee area; you can't just pick a starting spot at random. Place a marker where the previous throw has landed before you remove the Frisbee to make your next throw, and proceed each time with the player farthest from the hole going first.

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