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Technical Center
The Mid-South Community College Technical Center (MSCCTC) is a workforce education center that offers college credit in technical programs to juniors and seniors in the Crittenden County area. The Center’s curriculum serves as an extension of high school curricular offerings by providing students with hands-on training in technical fields. Services are offered at no cost to the students. Books, tuition, and fees are provided through the Center and are funded by local school districts and the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education.
Additional information about the Technical Center may be obtained by calling the Academic Office at (870) 733-6744. 

• To provide quality technical education programs to area high school juniors and seniors
• To help students make informed career choices and to provide relevantand supportive    learning experiences
• To prepare students to enter the workforce upon high school graduation
• To encourage students to continue their education after high school


Admission Policy
Prospective students apply for admission to MSCCTC programs through their local high school counselor. Admission is based on grade point average, college entrance exam scores, school attendance, citizenship, motivation, ability, and aptitude.
All students are required to submit the following:

• Written recommendation from the high school principal and counselor
• Completed application for admission form
• Current high school transcript for each semester of enrollment
• ACT, PLAN, COMPASS, or ASSET exam scores
• Signed student/parent agreement
• Proof of immunization against mumps, measles, and rubella if born on or after Jan. 1, 1957

The sky is the limit for students who complete academic and high-tech  courses
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